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Cold Comfort Farm, by Stella Gibbons

Despite being a book lover and, god forbid, a Librarian! I am NOT a big reader of Classics. In fact, I prefer it if they’re turned into films. I love a good costume drama!

However, there was just something about this book that made me borrow it. Perhaps it was the cover. I do like a book with a good cover. To be honest, in the beginning it was the cover, but then I read the blurb and met Flora Poste and her relatives the Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm. I took Cold Comfort Farm away with me over my Easter holidays and I meant to read it, classic or not.

Once I’d started the book and got used to the difference in language (it was first published in 1932) I really started to enjoy it. The characters were delightful, the plot wonderful and to my surprise, it was funny!

I’m wondering how many other great stories I have dismissed, simply because they are “classics”. It is time to broaden my horizons and challenge myself with my reading.

Cold Comfort Farm gets 4 stars from me.