Archive for April 25, 2010

Sustainability definition

Trying to determine, from my reading, which concepts/articles/texts should end up being in my literature review or in a background theories section. A concept map is helping, but I’m still a little stuck. Should a definition of sustainability be  background theory? I think it should…. but what if I’m wrong? Self doubt you are a pain.

Literature searching

It’s time to buckle down now and get started on some literature searching. I know that I’ve been teaching people how to do literature searching for such a long time, but now that it’s my turn, it’s a little intimidating.

So, from what I used to teach people, here is what I need to do:

  1. Leave no stone unturned
  2. Start with generic Library databases and construct some search strings that bring back results
  3. Set search alerts
  4. Broaden search to other databases (this won’t be hard considering that the UniSA library only has TWO databases listed under the subject heading of “Library“).
  5. Identify any key/useful journal titles and subscribe to table of contents alerts.

See, not that hard really is it?