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Blogging challenge

Thanks to my Mum, Cyndy for posting this comment on my last postWhat’s the purpose?“:

This is her list of what she would like to see me writing about:

  1. Fascinating facts about anything you find fascinating
  2. Information about countries that is unusual and which might influence people to go visit
  3. Books you have read where you can see some comparison to real life or like your life or that of a friends
  4. Food you would like to try and cook
  5. Things that you would like to do and people that you would like to do them with
  6. People that you would like to meet
  7. What you want to do with the rest of your life!

I’ll start with number one and link them through to this post as I complete them.

Stay tuned.

What’s the purpose?

A blog has to have a purpose, and the purpose of this blog is to keep my online social identity as mine. But a blog still needs to have content. So what am I going to blog about? What do you want to read about? Give me a creative challenge.





Diary of a Dating Perfectionist

I’m single and I’m in my 30s. I know who I am and I know what I want. I’m motivated, I set goals and I achieve them. I believe in myself.

Social Epidemiology and Evaluation Research Group

Recently I decided that it was time to get myself back out on the dating circuit so I started something called 10datesADL, you can read a few tweets about this.

10datesADL is a social experiment that is all about me meeting new people. I want to go on dates with your friends, the friends of your friends, random people I meet who are interesting and people I connect with via dating sites. The plan is to go on 10 dates in 10 weeks. So far I’ve been on 4 dates.

If you think you might know someone who I ought to go on a date with, then get in touch. The most important thing that I’m looking for is some shared interests, values that match and some passion. Keep me on my toes. I need cultural activities in my life. I need to date someone that is fit. I need a partner who is able to keep up with me.