What’s the purpose?

A blog has to have a purpose, and the purpose of this blog is to keep my online social identity as mine. But a blog still needs to have content. So what am I going to blog about? What do you want to read about? Give me a creative challenge.






  1. Jon says:

    You could get 6 groups of your friends together and buy 6 houses, then pit them against each other to see who can renovate and sell their house for the most percentage profit.

    The key here is to blog about anything other than actual renovation. Note: your blog must contain the word “renovate” prominently and predominantly in the title.

  2. Cyndy says:

    Here is my list of things you could blog about:

    1. Fascinating facts about anything you find fascinating
    2. Information about countries that is unusual and which might influence people to go visit
    3. Books you have read where you can see some comparison to real life or like your life or that of a friends
    4. Food you would like to try and cook
    5. Things that you would like to do and people that you would like to do them with
    6. People that you would like to meet
    7. What you want to do with the rest of your life!

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