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You’re a cyclist on your way to work, cruising down Pirie Street at around 35 km/hr on your road bike and then in front of you in the bike lane there’s a Coca-Cola delivery truck with it’s deliveries stacked up next to the truck. What do you do? It’s 8:45 am and there’s plenty of cars around. This happens regularly.

This photo is from google maps street view, but I think it’s time to start taking my own photos.

Does the delivery truck have rights to use the bike lane for this purpose?

Can the Adelaide City Council help?

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  1. doddsy says:

    Problem is the bike lane is in the door zone. Default riding position should be in the middle of the lane unless motorised traffic is bumper to bumper. When traffic is gridlocked you should use the shoulder (bike) lane but only at a slow speed.
    Good courier companies generally get bicycles to pick up suburban work and take it back to their inner city base or meet the driver at a quiet and more convenient location. I believe Toll Fast is the only adelaide company that does this. Problem is they don’t utilise cargo bikes, If every courier company had a cargo bike there’d be less van drivers scouring our city for carparks. That usually means the driver doesn’t get bogged down in town and can make a more reasonable living delivering packages in a less congested suburban environment. Better for both pushbike and car couriers. Only issue is transport company politics and incompetent managers. Hopefully its something that will improve in the future.

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