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Riding in the Lyndoch Classic

Race report from the Lyndoch Classic…

This is one of many of my pain faces

The weather was gorgeous, but it was a cold start to the day with frosts in the area. The handicapping was poorly done in my opinion and I truly felt like I’d been shafted as I got put in the 6:30 grouping. Despite that, I managed to hold my own for at least 3 minutes but as the bunch had set a fairly cracking 40 kph pace I was unable to keep up and got dropped. Being a stubborn thing I decided to give it my what for as I daydreamed about the finish. It was a pretty windy course and the mental toughness required to keep powering down hills on the drops in big gears was intense. No rest for the wicked. I still managed to cross the finish line sitting on 35+ kph with a headwind so can’t complain about that.

In the 6:30 grouping? You’ve gotta be joking.

Ride stats are up on strava.

Tea or beer?

I stopped drinking last year, June 18. I had the last of many beers in a pub in London and then decided that I’d seen enough of how the British advertising/marketing culture drinks. I decided to give up drinking completely, I then progressed to Dry July and transitioned from there to Hello Sunday Morning.

I’ve had the occasional drink, but I haven’t really enjoyed it all that much. In the beginning I really missed drinking beer. Those feelings have gone. Not drinking has given me back not just Sunday mornings, but every morning of the week. I was never much of a big drinker, but now that I’m socialising less in pubs, I’m spending more time outdoors and exercising with friends. It’s brilliant. Now that my 12 months is up, I’ve been able to reflect on what I’ve learned.

Tea beer