Riding in the Lyndoch Classic

Race report from the Lyndoch Classic…

This is one of many of my pain faces

The weather was gorgeous, but it was a cold start to the day with frosts in the area. The handicapping was poorly done in my opinion and I truly felt like I’d been shafted as I got put in the 6:30 grouping. Despite that, I managed to hold my own for at least 3 minutes but as the bunch had set a fairly cracking 40 kph pace I was unable to keep up and got dropped. Being a stubborn thing I decided to give it my what for as I daydreamed about the finish. It was a pretty windy course and the mental toughness required to keep powering down hills on the drops in big gears was intense. No rest for the wicked. I still managed to cross the finish line sitting on 35+ kph with a headwind so can’t complain about that.

In the 6:30 grouping? You’ve gotta be joking.

Ride stats are up on strava.

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