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Speeding fines for cyclists?


Cycling along the Coastal Park, Glenelg, November 2013.

This article in The Australian about proposed speeding fines for cyclists in the Holdfast Bay area got my back up a little bit. Surely there’s got to be a better solution than just fining people?

Perhaps instead of a shared pathway, why not separate the pathway so that bikes and and pedestrians use different sections? There are already two pathways along part of the section near Glenelg Beach. Top path for bikes, bottom path for pedestrians.

Will the council consider fining runners who are faster than 10 km an hour?

It would be great to have a dedicated bike corridor through/around the congested area near the beach.

However, if the proposed ‘speeding’ fines went directly into finishing the pathway that might be a different story… but it seems that money isn’t the only issue.

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Pirie Street, Adelaide













You’re a cyclist on your way to work, cruising down Pirie Street at around 35 km/hr on your road bike and then in front of you in the bike lane there’s a Coca-Cola delivery truck with it’s deliveries stacked up next to the truck. What do you do? It’s 8:45 am and there’s plenty of cars around. This happens regularly.

This photo is from google maps street view, but I think it’s time to start taking my own photos.

Does the delivery truck have rights to use the bike lane for this purpose?

Can the Adelaide City Council help?

Connecting Adelaide

I’m a commuter cyclist and a recreational cyclist. As a recreational cyclist I like to ride early in the morning when there are less cars or out into the Adelaide Hills/along the coast on the weekends.

As a commuter cyclist and someone who likes to help motivate other people to cycle I tend to be a bit of an advocate for safer roads and better cycle pathways.

Recently I was in Sydney and stumbled across a really great cycle pathway. It was separated from the road, it was dedicated and it was two way. There were also sections where you could exit and enter the cycleway.
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My vision for the future of cycling in metropolitan Adelaide is to see a representative from each metropolitan council being a member of a planning organisation. This organisation would exist to perform the following tasks:

  • ensuring that cycle pathways are connected between council areas, so that the transition is seamless
  • standardised sign-age across councils
  • the establishment of some well lit high-speed cycling highways that are car free, with a fast surface and no pedestrians
  • community consultation for cycle route planning
My commute from the city to home takes me through Adelaide City Council, Norwood, Payneham and St Peters Council, Burnside Council and Campbelltown Council, all in a 10 km commute. The route that I take home is roughly like this:
I’d like to see these councils talking to each other and having a better understanding of how people travel between council areas. I’d like to see better communication and positive change. I’d like to see more people cycling more often.