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Speeding fines for cyclists?


Cycling along the Coastal Park, Glenelg, November 2013.

This article in The Australian about proposed speeding fines for cyclists in the Holdfast Bay area got my back up a little bit. Surely there’s got to be a better solution than just fining people?

Perhaps instead of a shared pathway, why not separate the pathway so that bikes and and pedestrians use different sections? There are already two pathways along part of the section near Glenelg Beach. Top path for bikes, bottom path for pedestrians.

Will the council consider fining runners who are faster than 10 km an hour?

It would be great to have a dedicated bike corridor through/around the congested area near the beach.

However, if the proposed ‘speeding’ fines went directly into finishing the pathway that might be a different story… but it seems that money isn’t the only issue.

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Singapore, from a cyclists perspective

I didn’t ride a bike in Singapore and to be honest I didn’t want to. Spending three days in Singapore made me grateful to live in a great cycling city like Adelaide. While I do sometimes complain about the infrastructure that we do have, at least we have it, and we have a political structure that gives us a voice.

Of the people that I did see riding bikes, I only saw one person wearing a helmet and they were riding a reasonable looking road bike. Who was it that said that mandatory helmet laws stop people from cycling?

I saw one bike shop, and I saw a heck of a lot of other types of shops and shopping centres in Singapore.

Singapore’s population at the 2012 census was  5,312,400, that’s 7,315 people per km2 (wikipedia). If Singapore invested time and money into planning it’s transport infrastructure then imagine how many cars would be off the roads?!

A cleaner greener Singapore would be amazing!


Riding in the Lyndoch Classic

Race report from the Lyndoch Classic…

This is one of many of my pain faces

The weather was gorgeous, but it was a cold start to the day with frosts in the area. The handicapping was poorly done in my opinion and I truly felt like I’d been shafted as I got put in the 6:30 grouping. Despite that, I managed to hold my own for at least 3 minutes but as the bunch had set a fairly cracking 40 kph pace I was unable to keep up and got dropped. Being a stubborn thing I decided to give it my what for as I daydreamed about the finish. It was a pretty windy course and the mental toughness required to keep powering down hills on the drops in big gears was intense. No rest for the wicked. I still managed to cross the finish line sitting on 35+ kph with a headwind so can’t complain about that.

In the 6:30 grouping? You’ve gotta be joking.

Ride stats are up on strava.