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It’s not bloody fair


My Dad’s got Parkinson’s and I feel like he’s accepting it better than I am.

He’s been diagnosed for 7 years now so I should be used to it.

I feel ripped off. He’s a great bloke. It’s not bloody fair and I’m angry and sad and I feel helpless. Sometimes he can’t walk in the mornings and he gets stuck in doorways and he can’t do all the things we used to do together.

I’m about to head overseas (this coming Saturday) on a trip for two months that’s been organised for ages so I’m staying at my parents place this week. It’s really hit me how his condition has deteriorated. I feel selfish to be travelling.

I feel really alone with this. My friends are buying houses, getting married and having babies. I need someone to talk to who understands how I’m feeling. Someone who is in the same boat.


I have a confession to make. There are several phobias I have.

Last night @sonjabarfoed dared me to write a blog post about one of them, so here it is.

I have an intense dislike of…





The risk of some man’s beard hair falling in my open mouth and me choking on it, or god forbid, SWALLOWING IT is too revolting to contemplate. There is no way that you will EVER get me to make an appointment with a dentist with a beard.

When I moved to Wagga Wagga, I called around the dental surgeries there and asked if they had dentists with beards. Seriously.

Tea or beer?

I stopped drinking last year, June 18. I had the last of many beers in a pub in London and then decided that I’d seen enough of how the British advertising/marketing culture drinks. I decided to give up drinking completely, I then progressed to Dry July and transitioned from there to Hello Sunday Morning.

I’ve had the occasional drink, but I haven’t really enjoyed it all that much. In the beginning I really missed drinking beer. Those feelings have gone. Not drinking has given me back not just Sunday mornings, but every morning of the week. I was never much of a big drinker, but now that I’m socialising less in pubs, I’m spending more time outdoors and exercising with friends. It’s brilliant. Now that my 12 months is up, I’ve been able to reflect on what I’ve learned.

Tea beer