Singapore, from a cyclists perspective

I didn’t ride a bike in Singapore and to be honest I didn’t want to. Spending three days in Singapore made me grateful to live in a great cycling city like Adelaide. While I do sometimes complain about the infrastructure that we do have, at least we have it, and we have a political structure that gives us a voice.

Of the people that I did see riding bikes, I only saw one person wearing a helmet and they were riding a reasonable looking road bike. Who was it that said that mandatory helmet laws stop people from cycling?

I saw one bike shop, and I saw a heck of a lot of other types of shops and shopping centres in Singapore.

Singapore’s population at the 2012 census was  5,312,400, that’s 7,315 people per km2 (wikipedia). If Singapore invested time and money into planning it’s transport infrastructure then imagine how many cars would be off the roads?!

A cleaner greener Singapore would be amazing!



First time I’ve been out without an umbrella & it’s raining. Finally! It’s been so hot and humid.

There is so much smoke in the sky from forest fires in Sumatra. It’s horrible. I haven’t seen blue sky since Thursday in Adelaide.

I’m enjoying spending time on my own and I have so much more confidence as a solo traveller than when I was first overseas on my own in 2000. There’s no way I would have jumped on the metro at 7pm at night to see what was at a certain stop.

I’ve met locals, eaten with my hands with Indians in Little India and drunk some dirt cheap beer.

Did I mention the walking (& the blister!!!), there’s been so much walking. Museums, galleries, shopping centres, historical districts, gardens.

Tonight I’m heading to Changi Airport where I’ll be checking in for my Singapore to London flight. 13 hours. I hope I can get some sleep. With any luck I might even get a shower before I get on the plane!


It’s not bloody fair


My Dad’s got Parkinson’s and I feel like he’s accepting it better than I am.

He’s been diagnosed for 7 years now so I should be used to it.

I feel ripped off. He’s a great bloke. It’s not bloody fair and I’m angry and sad and I feel helpless. Sometimes he can’t walk in the mornings and he gets stuck in doorways and he can’t do all the things we used to do together.

I’m about to head overseas (this coming Saturday) on a trip for two months that’s been organised for ages so I’m staying at my parents place this week. It’s really hit me how his condition has deteriorated. I feel selfish to be travelling.

I feel really alone with this. My friends are buying houses, getting married and having babies. I need someone to talk to who understands how I’m feeling. Someone who is in the same boat.