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What’s your twitter character?

Just made a gorgeous discovery today via Prakky.

Discover your twitter character is a lovely little infographic that comes from Visual.ly*. I think it seems pretty spot on! Food, books and a bit of a geeky cheeky grin. What do you think?


* If you’re looking to communicate complex ideas in a beautiful way then you might want to have a look at some of the infographics or data visualisations that you can create using visual.ly.


A weekend at the farm

Yet another weekend was spent that didn’t involve any computers at all. Time away from my laptop is making #blogjune even harder to achieve. That being said, I’d rather be outside experiencing things that I can document and share.

On Friday night Michael and I moved into our first house on the weekend :-).
We slept in a tent inside the kids cubby house up on Keira and James’ farm in Watervale.


The novelty of our first house wore off pretty quickly as the dogs decided that spending most of the night barking at us was a good idea. Thanks Bingo and Bella! (Grr!).



We spent time with the kids (Oliver and Niamh), learned about building fences and went for a walk up to the top of Mount Horricks.


After two weekends away in a row, it’s making it pretty hard to focus on life here in Adelaide.

Public transport goes retro

This morning’s trip to work was a little different from my usual routine! The alarm went off at 6am and the realisation that I was 120 km away from home sunk in. (so did the fact that it was dark and cold).

After driving home from Watervale (120 km) in the Clare Valley this morning, this is the H30S bus that turned up at my bus stop. I don’t think I’ve seen one this old since I was in high school. What’s going on Adelaide Metro?