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Content Curation

This morning I delivered a presentation for an ALIA group called Community Information Australia Networkers. The group is coordinated by Rosalie Day, my previous manager at Connecting Up. The presentation was all about Content Curation. You can find out a little more about the seminar over at the SAcommunity blog.

Content Curation

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Too busy for #blogjune? No, I’m curating my content!

It was with great commitment that I said ‘Yes, I can commit to #blogjune this year’. I wrote one post on June 1st and then the only content that I created was on twitter, facebook, flickr, instagram and some cycling data that was uploaded to strava. Here’s the last week or two, in retrospect.

June 2, June 3, June 4, June 5, June 6, June 7, June 8, June 9, June 10, June 11, June 12.

To be continued!