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Significant trees

I’m a new resident in the Hartley electorate (as of the 20th of October) and I live in Magill.

My landlord has had a development application approved (last year) to have a significant tree removed. When I applied to the real estate agent to rent this house there was no mention of the fact that the tree would be cut down.

This tree is a magnificent multi branch weeping fig with a circumference of over 4 metres. I cannot believe that the Campbelltown Council has approved the removal of this tree and I can’t believe that the real estate agent did not mention this at the time of application. I have received notice this morning that the landlord wishes to have the tree cut down this coming Saturday. According to Consumer and Business Services landlords have an obligation to ensure that the tenant is given reasonable peace, comfort and privacy whilst living in the property. I believe that the removal of this tree will mean that there is not reasonable comfort or privacy as the tree is on the north face and street side of the property and provides important shade.

Why is there nothing that I can do about this?


In my spare time, I’ve been tracking down a few films to watch that support my environmental/social justice research interests. Earlier this week I watched Sustainable Environments. It was good to help me keep focused on what I’m trying to achieve. It also made me consider closed loop systems, and how humans construct and invade. The end result of this, is that we need to look at what we’re doing, do it smarter and use less resources. I’m unsure as to whether or not we can truly be sustainable, after all.

Perhaps my topic should be renamed…. In the quest for sustainability… or some such.

As for other films, on Saturday night I’m going to a community event run by a new group called Adelaide Hills Sustainable Communities that I’ve joined. The films that are being screened are Fresh and In Transition.

I’m waiting for the University Library to purchase Soylent Green as well. Should be an interesting film to see. I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before!

If anyone hears of any interesting films, (especially documentaries) that I might be interested in, please let me know.