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Sydney Long at the NGA

If it wasn’t for the fact that my lovely friend Sonja has a new job as a librarian at the National Gallery of Australia, I wouldn’t know that there was a Sydney Long exhibition on at the NGA.

When we received our itinerary for the Human Brochure the other day, I was pretty excited to notice that we have a couple of hours free on the Saturday afternoon, hopefully giving me time to have a good catch up with Sonja as it’s been quite some time since we last saw each other.

It was her lovely signature banner that caught my eye. So I must squeeze in this exhibition somewhere too. Friday afternoon?

The itinerary is here

I received our human brochure itinerary last night and wowee it’s action packed and it looks amazing. Here’s a quick run down of what our weekend is looking like.

Fly to Canberra (via Melbourne) on Friday morning.
Check into the Mantra Hotel on Northbourne
To the Australian War Memorial for a reception

National Zoo and Aquarium
Stromlo Forest Park
Lunch at Scope Cafe
Free time from 3 until 6:45 pm (phew, maybe a nanna nap)
Dinner from 7pm at either Soju Girl or The Chairman and Yip (fingers crossed for Soju Girl!)

Bushwalking at Tidbinbilla
Head back to the hotel by 3:30
Depart from the airport at 5:25 pm

This coming weekend looks like it’s going to be a WHOLE lot of fun. This time, I’m going to remember to take my camera away with me.

I’ve put together a list on twitter of the places that we’re going that tweet, you can find it here.


You’re coming to Canberra!

On the 1st of October I was pretty excited to see this email in my inbox:

I’m taking Michael along with me, so perhaps you’ll find him blogging as well over at The Adventures of Michael Roelink. For a little more information about the Human Brochure experience, have a look at this video.

All I can say is thank you to Australian Capital Tourism. Our itineraries are going to be sent out in email today, and I can’t wait. I think I’ve checked my email about 500 times.