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Sustainability definition

Trying to determine, from my reading, which concepts/articles/texts should end up being in my literature review or in a background theories section. A concept map is helping, but I’m still a little stuck. Should a definition of sustainability be  background theory? I think it should…. but what if I’m wrong? Self doubt you are a pain.

First concept map

Midway through last year I started working on a concept map for a book chapter that I was writing. The chapter is called  Making Dreams Reality: The Sustainable Public Library and is part of a text called Future Library; How will we manage? which will be published later this year by the Centre for Information Studies at Charles Sturt University.

I use open source software called Free Mind for all of my concept mapping. It’s a great piece of software and I recommend downloading it and giving it a try.

This map dates back to August 2009 and as the scope of my PhD develops, I’ll post a new version of the concept map.

Making Dreams Reality: The Sustainable Public Library