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This is my garden in the snow a few weeks ago. It’s hard to believe this happened. London is almost warm now.

Mishkin’s is a kind-of Jewish deli in Covent Garden. I met an old friend and her boyfriend there for lunch in January. I’d not seen her in about six years and we drank wine and talked about old times.

Three weeks after we had lunch, he asked her to marry him underwater while they were scuba diving.

I spent my Valentine’s Day at The Troxy watching The Other Cinema‘s presentation of Brief Encounter. There was singing and dancing and popcorn, people in beautiful costumes, ushers and usherettes, and a little too much prosecco.

[photos by The Other Cinema]

Here are some things I want. I understand I am not a person that makes sense.

Steve Alan Drawstring Coat because I am always cold (it is sold out. Everything is always sold out. Who is buying this stuff? Give it to me.)
Swedish Hasbeens to make me feel like a lady.
Mountain Glacier spray to make me smell like a forest.
Proenza Schouler printed wrap skirt to make me feel like a lady.
Vintage Karl Springer drinks cart to make me feel like a lady in Don Draper’s office.
Crosley CR40 Mini Turntable on which I will play Rumours by Fleetwood Mac continuously.
Coffee-Break Commuter Almond-Skateboard because I’m working on Nike and have been watching lots of skateboarding videos and imagining myself being instantly good at it and cool and popular.
New Chanel frames because the guy I sit next to told me I have the same glasses as his Mum (“she’s a cool Mum, don’t worry,” he said as I died a little inside).


Just Louis Armstrong…

At the freaking Pyramids. No biggie.

[via Retronaut]

This empty bottle of Chanel Platinum Égoïste sat on a wall two doors down from my house for four days. Every time I walked past it, it had been moved a few inches in either direction as though picked up and smelt by passing strangers.

Chanel says this is a fragrance for the passionate, romantic man. A man with fire that burns like light onto film.

I just found this outtake from Other People’s Houses. I can’t believe a year ago I was planning the exhibition.

It reminded me of how many of you expressed interest in collaborating with me last year. I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise. But it turns out my brain’s only equipped to do one thing at a time and when I’m not working, I’m struggling to write the second draft of the novel. I’m struggling to work out what on earth I’m doing with my life. Hell, I can barely even decide what to wear in the morning.

I’ll be in touch with you all when things are simpler, clearer.

Ottolenghi and Albam are now neighbours on Upper Street.

“It’s a matter of pleasing people… And having them to believe in you and you to believe in them.”

[via Steve]

These days.

My cousin has five horses. She used to work as a stunt rider in the Wild West show at Disneyland in Paris. Now she tends to the horses on movie sets.

Playing with disposable cameras: Meat Liquor, Bodean’s, St Paul’s, Bardens Boudoir.

Everyone on the internet is excited about Moonrise Kingdom.

[images via style rookie]