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Monochrome Yves Klein blue/jaune sans titre, 1957.

[thanks polaroid dreamer for the correction]

I spent six hours shooting in south London yesterday. It was 26 degrees and the sun burnt the back of my neck and I met 19 interesting people who changed the way I see the world.

Just Ezra Petronio, Marc Jacobs, Wes Anderson and Jarvis Cocker babin’ in Paris.

[Photo by Katja Rahlwes]

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. I’ve not been taking many photos because I’ve been working a lot. And the photos I have taken are just of the same old stuff. It’s like I’m not even trying. Out of two rolls of film, this is all I have to show you. Sara under a street light. Shot on film, at night, no flash.

But there are things happening. I’m shooting for a client on Saturday. I’ll be in New York in 10 days. Two and a half weeks later in Cannes to work at the Lions Festival, then on holiday for a bit. Then I’ll be 31 and it’ll be time for the Olympics and I’ll be jobless again and I still won’t have written the book I want or fallen in love again but I’ll probably have a tan and some new photos to show you. Which will do. It will have to.

“I’m just really concerned about dying in the fire.”
“It’s a big decision, how one prefers to die.”

Carrie Schneider’s Burning House reminds me of Charlie Kaufman’s burning house.

[via Design Crush]

I’m going to be in the south of France at the end of June for work, for fun, for my birthday. Have you been? Any tips on places to visit between Menton and Marseilles?


Joel Sternfeld captured a renegade elephant resting on the road in Woodland, Washington in 1979.

Full story here.

Serge Gainsbourg in Cannes.

[source unknown]

More hanging plants via: small spaces, Mieke Willems, the brick house, apartment therapy

See more inside.

There were a few days at the start of April where London looked like this. But it’s rained every day for a month now and it feels so cold and so dull.

But you get by. You see art, you eat delicious food, you work and work and work. But mostly, you just countdown to things that are coming that will make you feel different. To an exact point on a calendar and a map that herald the start of something or the end of it.

Just Mick and Paul…


Eatin’ apples.

(I’ve just started a babin’ Mick Jagger board on Pinterest, FYI).

[via The Tally Ho]