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The inbetween time.

The colour of the ocean, the way the pebbles feel beneath your feet.

Sunshine, Nice.

I visited my friend’s office and we had lunch on the terrace looking at this view. I’d never seen New York like this before. Never seen these colours, the city flushed, blushing. This is how I imagine the insides of a living person, chest cracked open so you can see everything jammed in, working on top of each other and next to each other, together.

This city is in my lungs, on my mind, under my skin.

I slept on the train back from Beacon, restlessly against the window as we shuddered past the Hudson and Yonkers, where Yankees fans were holed up in car parks, sitting in circles on chairs they’d brought from home, drinking before the game.

At Grand Central, Anna and Joy wanted oysters so Dan and I wandered around the Oyster Bar while they ate. The light made everything look like it was from another time.

We took the train to Beacon to visit Dia, one of the most amazing art galleries I’ve ever been to.

Thrifting, Williamsburg.

Just Andy Warhol and Nico


Dressed as Batman and Robin. No biggie. At all. For Esquire Magazine in 1967.

My no biggies are now on Pinterest.


I never knew two people could be capable of such kindness. But these two, these two are special.

Buying t-shirts for Simon.

Bushwick and 10th Ave.

Just Here’s Fine

John was so nervous on his first shift that he didn’t pick up a single passenger. Ben’s been a cabbie for 33 years, Gerry for 51. Femi wants his passengers to trust him. Barry looks at the Bible on his dashboard to help keep him calm in bad traffic.

I’m so proud to introduce my latest project.

Just Here’s Fine: a look at the lives of London’s cab drivers.

Thanks so much to Hailo and all the cab drivers who took the time to talk to me.

Just Nancy Reagan…

Sitting on Mr T’s lap. No biggie.

My no biggies are now on Pinterest

[via retronaut]


We spent the first nine days in Williamsburg, drinking cold brew from Toby’s Estate and walking around like we never had to leave, never had to give it back.

We were hungover and we went to Coney Island. I had to hold my breath so I wasn’t sick on the Cyclone and I had the best day with these people who are like family to me.

If we were always in the same place at the same time the world would end again and again and again, I’m sure of it.