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Just Hemingway…

In a London hospital after a car crash.

[Photo by Robert Capa 1944]

Beacon, New York.

Just Henri Matisse…

Sculpting in bed (with cats!). No biggie.

[Photos by Dmitri Kessel from Life Magazine]

Some ladies on a boat, drenched by a rough sea.

(Exactly how I hope to feel when I’m their age.)


Just a dinosaur…

Being delivered to the Boston Museum of Science in 1984. NB.

[photo by Arthur Pollock]

This morning I told someone I spent my weekend sorting through six years’ worth of negatives. “Negative thoughts?” he asked. And they could’ve been. Because it’s hard not to lament, to mourn the past.

But what I had spread out in front of me for two days (and what is now filed chronologically in folders) was a visual record of faces that have come and gone, faces that have come and stayed, of a changing relationship with two cities. Six years of a good life lived that’s really visible when held up to the light.