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I wasn’t really lying when I told the lady at Selfridges this perfume was a gift. After all, to smell it is to recall another time, a different place, a feeling. It’s nice to feel as though you’re being given something, even if it was yours to begin with.

I’m not going to be around much over the next two weeks but when I’m back I’ll have things to share, news and photos but probably mostly my feelings.

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  1. i love when you share mostly your feelings. have fun where you are going, lady.

    October 19, 2012
  2. feelings, photos, writing…bring on the sharing! (hope you’ll at least have a fun time wherever you’re headed/whatever you’re up to.)

    October 19, 2012
  3. You might even get a guest post from me while Victoria is away. I’m hoping to post some photos of pretty bicycles and some australian style bicycle chic.

    October 22, 2012
  4. I hope the gift is for you :)
    hope to hear from you sooN!

    October 29, 2012

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