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The end, the end, the end.

Real life, Amsterdam.

Real life.

Real life, Amsterdam.

Zandvoort aan Zee, The Netherlands.

The Dutch coast.


This roll of film has been with me in Morocco, Amsterdam, Paris and all around London.

I felt sad today when I finally finished it. No more surprises. No chance of a miracle. Just the world in black and white.

I slept late, ate two types of pie with the wonderful Cari, walked around an organic food market and then went to the airport. Just an average Saturday in Amsterdam.

I was exhausted but ready to start something.


I’d not seen Kate for a year and a half. At first she thought it was a coincidence that I’d turned up in the same hotel as them, in a different country to which I live. Damon and I had been planning it for months.

We checked in, had warm ham and sauerkraut sandwiches at the Film Institute. I held their coats while they did a photoshoot for the cover of a magazine.

We ate steak for dinner and I watched them play to a full room at 2am. Then they got in a taxi at 5.15, headed for the airport, then a festival in Germany. Fifteen hours together every 18 months just doesn’t seem fair.

We always talk about getting our chosen family back together, about having everyone in one place again and it just feels like a story with no end.

I was counting down the hours.


People in Amsterdam aren’t afraid of letting you see inside.


The secret lives of others, Amsterdam.


I wandered around an autumnal Amsterdam alone, my head swimming. I just had to learn how to carry it, bit by bit, to just start something.