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Ouch My Face

The Waite Institute

Loose leaves

Accidental patterns from the same roll. Waite Research Institute, Adelaide/Loose Leaf, Melbourne.

Hanging Rock

The first six weeks


Celeste through a window of the information centre at Hanging Rock.

22 September 2015

Dad through the bathroom window.

Rae Street, Fitzroy North


Bay of Fires


Vanessa and Caro are fixing the environment, one thing at a time.


Mole Creek Caves

Aaron led us underground into a cave and turned on the light. The ceiling was dotted with extinguishing glow worms, exposed, gone shy. Glow worms are not worms, he told us. Glow worms are the larvae of fungus gnats, he said. They are maggots rather than worms! Would anyone care about them if they were called fungus gnats? Would you even be here! A woman shook her head but the rest of us, even the boys who’d been loudly throwing each other onto the ground in the fern-lined car park half an hour earlier, just stood silent and wide-eyed near the cave’s Great Cathedral. 

We followed Aaron up stairs and then more stairs, further into the hollowed-out mountain. Every so often he’d stop and talk about the layers and layers of rock on rock that form the earth. But this is just one theory! He said adding a caveat. You are all welcome to your own opinions. It all comes from books, after all.

One of the rocks was blackened by smoke from an old bushfire. Another contained fossils of creatures from the depths of an ancient sea. Shutters clicked open and then closed in desperate search of light.

Aaron argued with a woman in her 40s about foxes. He talked about the contagious cancer that spread from cheek to cheek of the devils that terrorise the night. And then he turned off the lights  and we stood in darkness as the larvae of the fungus gnats glowed blue like stars in a world turned inside out.

Cradle Mountain


Houses on High Street, Sheffield

On the last day of the year, in perfect late afternoon light.

Cataract Gorge

5.30 at the Three Sisters

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Belair National Park.

Behind the scenes at Monarto Zoo.



These are photos of my parents taken on the day we took my Dad into hospital. I knew when I took them it might be the last chance I ever had to do this. That it might be the last picture of my family as a whole number, as a table with four legs.

Every day Dad spent in hospital recovering from surgery was a day I got to see this majestic golden tree that glowed in the sun and glowed in the rain and was a reminder that life is beautiful even when it’s heavy, even when it’s hard.

Seacliff, Adelaide.

Belair National Park, Adelaide.

Through the window, through the fence.

Real life.