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People in Places

Last year my friend Jazz and I decided we were sick of talking about making things and wanted to actually make things. So we came up with an idea, worked away on opposite sides of the world and now, nine months later, our baby is born.

This is People in Places. Five short stories written by me, illustrated by Jazz Feldy and made into an A5 two colour risograph paperback book.

There are 100 hand numbered copies for sale for just £6 plus postage.


San Diego

I finally got to go to In-N-Out Burger.

Real life.

Driving back to LA.

Every so often I’ll take a photo and I’ll think, yes, this is the best photo I’ve ever taken. And of course I won’t know for sure until I get the film back and I’ll just hope and hope and hope for anywhere up to seven days that the light hit the film just right and the world will get to see what I saw: a moment in time when patterns emerge and lines and colours and light and shade are aligned and that I am the luckiest person because I got to see it.

This is one of those photos, taken on a Tuesday afternoon in San Diego while walking alone down suburban streets. After I took this photo I swam 1km in my hotel pool and then floated on my back and watched the clouds swirl in the wind like just stirred coffee and then tinge golden as the sun set. After I swam I drank whiskey in an empty bar and chatted to the bar tender whose name was Kevin and I felt glamorous for a while, maybe 30 minutes, probably less.

Jack lives in a house in 29 Palms with four other guys. He stands on the road from six until six, five days a week. He said we were the most entertaining group he’d had waiting for a long while.

A long walk down a dry creek bed, Joshua Tree.

The Laura Taylor.


Beautiful Brittani.

The California Fan Palm is the only palm tree that’s native to the state. You can find it in five palm oases throughout Joshua Tree, where water occurs naturally all year round.

A group huddle at the Joshua Tree visitor centre. One of the pink circles on the map marks reported sightings of rattlesnakes. But we didn’t see any rattlesnakes.

Palm Springs.