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Ouch My Face


Celeste through a window of the information centre at Hanging Rock.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Anna explodes into every room. She is loud and she is colourful and she is warm and kind. She is the type of person who will get on her knees and climb into a rhododendron bush if I ask her to. Unquestioning and patient.

Polly in the Palm House

Janet, Palais Garnier



Vanessa and Caro are fixing the environment, one thing at a time.

These guys


Liesl and I met when our bands played together in a bowling alley in Brisbane more than ten years ago. She lives in Brooklyn now where she works and makes art and makes jokes and just walks around being the best person every day. I don’t think I’d be a photographer without her. Or a real, live human for that matter.

You can see her art here and here. No jokes for you though. I’m keeping them.

Smoke Bellow

My friends Christian and Meredith/two thirds of Smoke Bellow near their old house in Baltimore.

Polly got married on an island in the Seine in July.

Smoke Bellow rehearsing, Baltimore.

This is what it looks like when two of your favourite people marry each other.

I slept late, ate two types of pie with the wonderful Cari, walked around an organic food market and then went to the airport. Just an average Saturday in Amsterdam.

I was exhausted but ready to start something.


I’d not seen Kate for a year and a half. At first she thought it was a coincidence that I’d turned up in the same hotel as them, in a different country to which I live. Damon and I had been planning it for months.

We checked in, had warm ham and sauerkraut sandwiches at the Film Institute. I held their coats while they did a photoshoot for the cover of a magazine.

We ate steak for dinner and I watched them play to a full room at 2am. Then they got in a taxi at 5.15, headed for the airport, then a festival in Germany. Fifteen hours together every 18 months just doesn’t seem fair.

We always talk about getting our chosen family back together, about having everyone in one place again and it just feels like a story with no end.

This is An Horse playing at The Paradiso in Amsterdam last Friday. I am a terrible live music photographer but I love these guys with every bit of my insides.

Hearts and Arrows

My dear friend Liesl Pfeffer is exhibiting at Kings in Melbourne from October 28. Go and say hello. She is one of the best people you’ll meet. Here are the details:

LIESL PFEFFER: Hearts and Arrows

Hearts and Arrows (2011) is an exhibition of photo-media collages and textile works depicting minerals, crystals, gemstones and diamonds. The title references diamond cutting: ‘hearts and arrows’ diamonds are said to be unmatched in precision, beauty and perfection. The works in this exhibition are playful and colourful interpretations of rare precious stones prized for their beauty, mystery and luxury. Bright, hard-edged photo-collages are juxtaposed beside whimsical folk art textiles. The experience of viewing the exhibition is to be immersed in a synthetic world of facets, colour, prisms and light.

My friend Kate Miss needs you to buy her stuff. It’s good stuff for a good reason.

Please visit her Etsy shop and help out any way you can.

So it turns out the Twinkle is our new favourite cocktail, that the French take Boules very seriously and that my friends are truly delightful human beings.

My oldest friend in the world is a senior carnivore keeper here. When I was back in Australia she gave us a behind-the-scenes tour which meant we got to pat hyenas and this rhino. We’ve known each other for 26 years.

Soon I’ll actually be able to reveal more about why I went to Baltimore. It feels like a life time ago.

Until then, you can listen to the first song by my dear friend Meredith’s new band. It is terrifically good.


A few weeks ago some friends and I went to Automat for mac ‘n’ cheese. Isn’t Fiona beautiful?

Phillip Island

At the end of my first week in Australia, I went to Phillip Island for a few days with some friends. We ate cheese, lay on the beach, read, watched movies, played canasta and drank hibiscus mojitos. It was lovely.

[Photos: The Nobbies, Joy and some kangaroos]

I don’t do gift guides at Christmas. Mostly because I don’t really do Christmas. However, tomorrow I’ll be celebrating the birth of someone pretty special. Not to offend anyone who celebrates the religious aspects of Christmas, but this person is my saviour. She lives on another continent but always offers a shoulder to cry on, the sagest advice, uncompromising love. Above are some presents I would buy her if I could. Happy birthday, Kira.

1. Pretty decorations for her apartment by Confetti System
2. A tapestry horse bag
3. The DVD of every Todd Solondz film ever made
4. A dozen red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles
5. A plane ticket to come and see me

It seems ridiculous to be packing shorts and summer dresses when this is the view I see on my way to work.

I don’t fly until Monday but I have a jam packed few days coming up and I probably won’t have time to post until the middle of next week when I get to Melbourne (where the predicted overnight temperature is 27 degrees Celsius warmer than here).

So next time I talk to you I’ll be in another hemisphere, in another season, surrounded by people from another life. And I can’t wait.

Liesl Pfeffer at NO NO

I love this time lapse video of Liesl installing her painting at NO NO last week.

Melbourne friends, her exhibition is on until the 27th of November. I wish I could go but instead I have to be content with the fact that I will be seeing her in 23 days.


Two exceptional people, totally voguing outside Selfridges.

big world small world

These photos are by Jacinta whose blog I visited last week. Enamoured by her photos, I sent her some fan mail which is not something I do very often. She wrote back and we soon realised we have a good friend in common. In fact, said friend had even mentioned me to her. We have taken this as a SIGN that we are meant to be friends.

I didn’t mean to take a week off from the blog but sometimes it just happens. Sometimes things just happen and sometimes they don’t and sometimes the world is big, sometimes small.

Lunch Safari

Adam and Tarik are my two new BFFs. Once a week (workload permitting), we go on a lunch safari together. This involves picking a direction and walking and walking and walking until we find somewhere new for lunch. The first time we did it was the best (isn’t that always the case?). We wondered for about half an hour cursing Tarik for his STUPID idea until we stumbled across a magical little spot that had Mexican street food and a jerk chicken stand and a cute little organic deli. Then we ate gourmet sandwiches and shared a piece of plum tart in the sun. There is no real reason why I’m telling you about this except that I just thought you’d like to know.

I know I promised a photo onslaught but I’ve been too busy having fun to finish my rolls of film. Next week, my pretties. Next week.