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Joseph Pielichaty’s Blue Skies is a collection of sky photos clipped from the newspaper.

I spent six hours shooting in south London yesterday. It was 26 degrees and the sun burnt the back of my neck and I met 19 interesting people who changed the way I see the world.


I was pretty chuffed to be featured as blog of the month in Italy’s PIG magazine. Here’s the translation:

Hi Victoria. How are you? 

Hi! I’m excited to be here!

Where are you from?

I spent the first 20 years of my life in the leafy hills above Adelaide, Australia. And have since lived in Brisbane, and Manchester in England’s northwest.

How old are you?

I turned 30 a few months ago. I panic about birthdays.

Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog about five years ago as a way to collate and collect all the pretty things I found online. I’ve always been a writer but as my interest in photography grew it became a good place to post pictures for my friends too.

I didn’t realise anyone but my Mum read it until last year.

Where do you live?

I live in Dalston, east London, in a big, old five bedroom Victorian house with four housemates and a family of foxes. A few years ago the council discovered one of our neighbours had spent 40 years digging a web of tunnels spreading out 20m in every direction from his house. It’s now a deserted, roofless, crumbling old mansion, but the Mole Man is still a local legend.

Do you study or work? Where?

I’m a creative in a London ad agency where I work on digital campaigns for big brands. I also do some freelance writing and photography on the side.

 In your blog there is a lot of photography and also fashion. Your favourite fashion photographer?

I think Autumn De Wilde’s work for Rodarte for Opening Ceremony this year was game changing.

 Favourite fashion film of this season? 

I saw the Bill Cunningham documentary in New York in March. I was inspired by his passion and ability to find beauty everywhere. His point of view influences everything he does in life, not just his work. I think it’s how every artist dreams of living.

Advice for a good blog?

Find your own voice and your own point of view. There are so many blogs out there that post the same things and speak in the same way. The more of yourself you put into your blog – and I don’t mean just posting photos of yourself – the more people will care.


[sources: freunde von freunden, dear golden, skinny laminx, the brick house,  moon to moon]

Richard Beymer captured a 360-degree panorama as David Lynch thanked the cast and crew on their last day on the Twin Peaks set.

There are more photos of the final day of shooting here.

[via in the trees]

Just in case you were wondering, you can also find me on: twitter, pinterest, flickr, tumblr and svpply.

Maurine and Noreene.

[via Lovelorn Unicorn]

I moved into a new bedroom the day I got back from Morocco. It’s three times the size of my last room with a beautiful fireplace and huge window. I’m in love with it.

Now it just needs some colour inspiration. I wish I had the guts to go as bold as Silke Neumann.

[from Freunde von Freunden]


I don’t know where these places are but I wish I was in them.

Sources unknown.

[via theSteward]

Sand, up close.

[via theory & hero]

cyanometer Рhorace-b̩n̩dict de saussure
an instrument that measures the blueness of the sky

[via jennilee]

Do you have photos that bring back horrible memories or that you can’t bear to look at anymore? Don’t throw them away. Send them to Jason Lazarus instead. He’s creating a repository of images that are too hard to keep.

Today I snuck out of work early to go swimming, baked cakes for my friend’s birthday party, had a long lunch with some of my best people and noticed that suddenly, without prompting, my brain chose forward instead of back. Today was a good day.

[both images via these tings take time]

I’ve really been enjoying the internet today for the following reasons:

The shot that nearly killed me.

He took a polaroid every day until he died.

One in 8 Million.

Paradise Lost.

Saying yes.

Nico’s These Days by St Vincent and Elliott Smith.

Obama’s people.

I like this very much.

[via this never happened to pablo picasso]

[via wild cherry temptations]


I want to sit quietly in both of these spaces.

[via here and here]

Lanvin’s private library

Jeanne Lanvin’s private library.

[The Selby]

Liesl Pfeffer at NO NO

I love this time lapse video of Liesl installing her painting at NO NO last week.

Melbourne friends, her exhibition is on until the 27th of November. I wish I could go but instead I have to be content with the fact that I will be seeing her in 23 days.

Lula Scrapbook

The Lula Scrapbook is magical. The above were submitted by Alexa Chung, Clemence Poesy, Gia Coppola and Lina Scheynius.

It was full of smoke and it was yellow

I can’t remember where they lived, I think it was Chelsea. They had a big terraced house, three storeys or four and all I can remember is sitting with them in the basement, with sun streaming through the windows and they were both smoking and the room was full of smoke and it was yellow. Jane had very long hair and Charlotte looks exactly like her mother did then, except Jane’s hair was much fairer. Jane was wearing a coral coloured cardigan and shorts. I remember they had a meeting upstairs and I did nothing but read magazines and then they went out for a couple of hours. The second time was exactly the same, they argued a lot but they were all speaking in French and it was hard to follow.

My mother lived in London in the 70s and worked for a company that solved problems for high profile clients. In 1971, she found herself babysitting for Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.

[photos by Jeanloup Sieff]

Freunde von Freunden



[via the bubb report]


This wallpaper by Fine Little Day is adorable.

Ship on ship is surely the interior equivalent to double denim.

Just Hemingway, kicking a can

No biggie.

Paint by numbers

Remember how ape you all went for the last paint by numbers house? Well this couple have gone one better: their bedroom is full of nautical paint by numbers paintings.

Where the hell can I find some of these? (Ok, I just looked on eBay and found the answer…)

[via please sir]

The Selby

OMG. My dream house is on The Selby.

I’ve seen these pictures in blogland already but they’re too good not to re-post. This has got to be the best wallpaper ever, no?

[via inside]

Jordan Grace

What the hell, Jordan Grace? Why are you so awesome? And why don’t I own these? Why can’t I buy them?

Do you ever get a feeling when you want something but can’t have it? It’s like an ache or twinge in your jaw, just below your ears. Maybe I’m just a spoilt brat but DESIRE WITH NO DELIVERY makes me feel things in my face.

Los Angeles

You are on my mind today Los Angeles, you magnificent beast.

[photo by Julius Shulman, 1960. via ck/ck]