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More hanging plants via: small spaces, Mieke Willems, the brick house, apartment therapy

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[sources: freunde von freunden, dear golden, skinny laminx, the brick house,  moon to moon]

I moved into a new bedroom the day I got back from Morocco. It’s three times the size of my last room with a beautiful fireplace and huge window. I’m in love with it.

Now it just needs some colour inspiration. I wish I had the guts to go as bold as Silke Neumann.

[from Freunde von Freunden]


I don’t know where these places are but I wish I was in them.

Sources unknown.

[via theSteward]


I want to sit quietly in both of these spaces.

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Just Rudolf Nureyev’s home on the Tyrrhenian sea.

No biggie.

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Lanvin’s private library

Jeanne Lanvin’s private library.

[The Selby]

Freunde von Freunden



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This wallpaper by Fine Little Day is adorable.

Ship on ship is surely the interior equivalent to double denim.

Paint by numbers

Remember how ape you all went for the last paint by numbers house? Well this couple have gone one better: their bedroom is full of nautical paint by numbers paintings.

Where the hell can I find some of these? (Ok, I just looked on eBay and found the answer…)

[via please sir]

The Selby

OMG. My dream house is on The Selby.

I’ve seen these pictures in blogland already but they’re too good not to re-post. This has got to be the best wallpaper ever, no?

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Part of the wall above my bed. In the frame is a Marcel Dzama print and the pendant on the necklace is a golden pen nib sent to me by lovely friends.

Johnny Miller

Totally jealous makin’ interiors by Johnny Miller.



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Have I ever told you about my burning desire to own a lake house? Warm days, cool nights, the smell of pine trees and moss.

The pictures above are of Suzy Hoodless’ lodge in Scotland and my dream house.

Emma’s Designblogg

I’m couch-ridden and bored out of my brain. I didn’t think it was possible to work yourself sick but I’ve done it and it sucks.

At least it’s giving me the chance to catch up on some of my favourite blogs that I’ve neglected over the last few weeks. Emma’s Designblogg is one of them. She finds the most amazing interiors. Above are three of the best.

[via Emma’s Designblogg]

Hemingway’s house

A Hemingway always takes time for me to read. Not because I don’t enjoy them. Quite the contrary, in fact. It’s just that some of his sentences are so handsome, so earth shatteringly exceptional that I have to stop reading, close the book and take a few deep breaths before I can continue. There was even a line in The Old Man and The Sea that destroyed me so completely that I couldn’t pick the book back up for a week. He was a true master of language, and it seems he wasn’t so bad at interior decorating too.

[photos via unruly things]

Pretty in pink

[via the selby]

At home with Marc Jacobs

Pictures of Marc Jacobs’ Parisian home. That dalmation is the perfect accessory.

[via this is glamorous]

Stars in residence: homes

I love these pictures from Architectural Digest. Top to bottom: Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner.

See the full set here.

Stella McCartney fitting rooms

How stunning is this? It’s the wall decoration in Stella McCartney’s fitting rooms. WTF!? Amazing.

[via gala darling]

The day before I went to Romania, I moved south of the river to Clapham. The only thing better than paying much, much less rent for a much bigger house, is that I’ve been able to decorate.

I have a big thing for rain motifs. I even considered getting a tattoo of one (sorry Mum). These wall stickers by Studio Violet are incredible! And much less permanent. I’m moving house soon so might invest in some for my new room.

English Muse

How beautiful is this wall? Imagine if they were the silhouettes of your favourite people ever.

[via daydream lily]

Marie Claire

There are a few sections of January’s Marie Claire that reflect my dream life. That bedroom! Even owning one Chanel bag, let alone more than 300? Fabulous.

Emma’s designblogg

Emma is one of the greatest sources of interior inspiration. Love.


Any skincare company that advocates a regular intake of good books as part of a balanced lifestyle is alright by me. Never mind that Aesop‘s products leave your skin feeling incredible, smell amazing, and can be purchased from some of the most beautifully original stores I think I’ve ever seen.

Each store is designed to suit its individual location. The above pictures are from Melbourne and Adelaide. The below from the understated London store on Mount Street in Mayfair.

Blonde Redhead (& the red head)

I’ve picked up this really bad habit of singing the word amazing. So if something’s really good, I’ll go: Oh my god, that’s amaaazing. It’s actually kind of weird. As was my entire week, come to think of it. And after last night I’ve decided that I will not drink wine. ever. again. Just like after the night before I decided no more beer. ever. again. And the night before that? No. more. vodka. No more. Oh, and champagne for breakfast…

Anyway, my point is that when I saw these galleries from Domino Magazine, featuring peeks into the houses of Blonde Redhead and Julianne Moore, I totally sang a whole sentence. In my head. Yep. They are that amaaazing. And yep, you had to read all of that just for that pay off. Not worth it. Sorry. Thankfully these photos will save me. And this post and this blog and maybe even my life.