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Five days

The Palm House

Polly in the Palm House

Discover Dogs

25 April, 2014

21 April, 2014

Arnold Circus.

17 April, 2014

Arnold Circus.

14 April, 2104

11 April, 2014

Leila’s Shop, Arnold Circus.

01 April, 2014

31 March, 2014

23 March, 2014

21 March, 2014

20 March, 2014

18 March, 2014

17 March, 2014

The sky, Hackney.

Upstairs, alone

I don’t believe in any God, in spirits or ghosts or aliens. But as I sat at Violet, upstairs and alone, I realised I do believe in seeing things.

12 January, 2014

Our first Railroad of 2014.

I shot some London Fashion Week street style for Time Out. You can see them at the bottom of your tube station escalator and under your bus seat all this week.

London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week.

I just took a photo of some hydrangeas to finish off this roll. They were mostly green, some tinged with pink. Except this one bloom right in the middle that was completely lilac all over. When I took the photo I focussed in on that bloom with quite a shallow depth of field so all the other flowers except the lilac beauties were out of focus like little dots, like bokeh but not with light, like rolling hills, like fireworks in the day time. The photo turned out pretty nice. I know you’d all like it but I guess you don’t need to see it now so here’s a photo of a car park and a billowing curtain instead.



Neighbours, London Fields.

Real life from the Thames.

A standing brunch date at Leila’s. (Featuring the hand of Natalie.)

Real life.

Mimosa for the first warm day in London.

David and Chloe met at a friend’s dinner party and kept going outside together because they thought the other smoked. Turns out they were both just pretending so they could get to know each other. They’ve been together eight months.

More Valentine’s Day street style for Glamour Magazine.