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This year

My favourite photos from 2014.

Andy Warhol’s Sunsets.

[images from here]


Monochrome Yves Klein blue/jaune sans titre, 1957.

[thanks polaroid dreamer for the correction]

There’s a procession in Alghero on Good Friday. It starts at eight and winds through the streets until two. We watched it from the door of a restaurant, then stumbled across it again on the way home. There was a group of tenores singing in a circle and we stood and listened to them until the procession had passed again. This is what they sounded like, complete with old men and cars spluttering, with the quietened chatter of the nearby devout.

Just minutes before I recorded this, we’d seen the dead body of an old man covered in a sheet on the corner near the market. He’d fallen and hit his head.

Life is awful, terrifying, mysterious and wonderful.

There are tiny caves on the island of Sardinia. They’re known as fairy houses or Domus de Janas and were used as tombs by the Ozieri between 3400 and 2700 BC. They’re empty now, sitting alone on mountains and in fields dotted with acacias. The trees here make it look a little like home but it is nothing like home.

For an Easter holiday to an Italian island that you booked wishing for gentle seas and endless skies, for skin warmed by the sun and legs freckled with sand. That instead, holds forecasts of rain, thunderstorms and wind. So you dress the part at least, in costume, layers under  which you wear your swimsuit, ever hopeful that the tides will turn.

From left to right:
Steve Alan Drawstring Coat
Irish Fisherman’s Sweater
Randall Solid Pocket T from Saturdays Surf
Anthropologie Natalie one piece
Atlas of Remote Islands by Judith Schalansky
RayBan RB 2143 Wayfarers
Bec Brittain Hand-dyed Rope Bracelet
Ocean/Eternal Return by I Hate Perfume
Blue Rebel by Chanel


1000 hand painted rainbows by Mike Mills. Now available on pillow cases at Third Drawer Down.

Here are some things I want. I understand I am not a person that makes sense.

Steve Alan Drawstring Coat because I am always cold (it is sold out. Everything is always sold out. Who is buying this stuff? Give it to me.)
Swedish Hasbeens to make me feel like a lady.
Mountain Glacier spray to make me smell like a forest.
Proenza Schouler printed wrap skirt to make me feel like a lady.
Vintage Karl Springer drinks cart to make me feel like a lady in Don Draper’s office.
Crosley CR40 Mini Turntable on which I will play Rumours by Fleetwood Mac continuously.
Coffee-Break Commuter Almond-Skateboard because I’m working on Nike and have been watching lots of skateboarding videos and imagining myself being instantly good at it and cool and popular.
New Chanel frames because the guy I sit next to told me I have the same glasses as his Mum (“she’s a cool Mum, don’t worry,” he said as I died a little inside).


Everyone on the internet is excited about Moonrise Kingdom.

[images via style rookie]

Today is my penultimate day in a job I’ve had for almost four years. I don’t have another job to go to but I have plans.

I’m going to freelance as a copywriter, as a photographer, I’m 40,000 words into my first novel.

I don’t have the words to explain how these last four years have changed me. But it’s not the end. It’s just the beginning.

It is both a blessing and a curse to constantly feel as though what you have isn’t enough.

[photo by Sabino]

New life/light/blog envy/favourite: marmunia.

Hovering Over The Water by Michael Cina.

[via Miss Moss]

Philipp Igumnov.

[via this is colossal]

Alec and I saw The Red Shoes yesterday. I’m pretty in love with Moira Shearer‘s hair, make up and outfits, just so you know.

[images via a sip of sarsaparilla]

Oh Zara.

Cy Twombly died the same day as my grandmother. It was a bad day for the world.

[via the very special touch touch publishing]

Liesl and I are going to Morocco in a month. We’re going to Marrakesh, into the desert, to the beach, to Fes, Chefchaouen and Tangier.

Do you have any tips?

[photo by meogl]

I really, really miss the sun.


I miss the sun.

[pretty colours via these tings take time]

I made this. It was directed by BBGUN.

Cori Kindred re-interprets her rock collections by giving them names inspired by their colour and shape.

[via my love for you]

Bad Luck, 2011
Hawaiian lava rock rumored to bestow bad luck if removed from the island, found wood, glass, metal tag bearing title

Barcelona shop windows. This is the last one.

I spent a very cold Christmas in Paris five years ago. On Christmas Day, we went to the Pompidou and meandered through the Yves Klein exhibition. I bought the postcard of this photo by Charles Wilp and have carried it with me from house to house since. It’s one of my most treasured possessions. I love his expression, the light blue background and that dog. It’s one of my favourite photographs in the whole world.

I have a big birthday coming up in a few weeks and not a single person has asked me what I’d like for a gift. I hope this is because they already know that the one thing that would make me happier than anything is the poster of this photo, framed (but not in any of the frames on the site) and hanging on my wall.

So just in case you haven’t already bought me a Chanel bag or a new camera, Mum and Dad, this is all I need.


I’m going to Barcelona a week on Monday and I’m not sure I’ve ever looked forward to a break so much . We’re there for just over a week and are going to Primavera Sound but if anyone has any recommendations for places to eat or drink or walk or visit, please let me know. (This is my second time there so I probably won’t do anything super touristy!). THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

[photo by Karen Francisco]

In the middle of the beginning

Other People’s Houses: Kris Atomic

An illustrator and an amazing photographer, Kris Atomic is now famous the world over for being one of the first people to speak up about the difficulties of having chronic bitch face (I’ve always referred to mine as my naturally downturned mouth and blamed it on my Eastern European heritage).

Where are you from and where do you live now?
I grew up in Russia and Ukraine and my family moved to London when I was 9 years old. I’ve been living in Brighton for about a year and a half. Our flat is only a couple of minutes from the sea front, which is lovely in the summer, though we don’t go down there anywhere near often enough.

Where is home for you and why do you live there?
I live in a tiny flat with my boyfriend and my cat. All three of us work from home, so we hang out together a lot!

We moved here after I finished University in London and just fancied a change. As we’re both self employed we can work anywhere and Brighton is great for being close enough to London for an easy commute to meetings and seeing my London friends and family. It’s a very different atmosphere though, much more chilled.

Describe your home.
We rent our flat from my parents and it needed some work before we moved in, so we were lucky enough to decorate it to our liking. Our bedroom is a pale dusky pink and dominated by a double bed piled with throws and cushions (essential for afternoon naps). We spend most of our time working in the living room/office/kitchen. One wall is a great long desk housing all our computers, printers and related technological paraphernalia. We’re always running out of plug sockets even though we had 32 installed in that room alone!

How did you approach your photos for the exhibition?
I started taking photos of all sorts of bits around the house, but when I started to edit them down I noticed how many cat themed objects I had, so I thought it would be fun to just show those. I didn’t even buy most of them myself, it seems like once you’re profiled as a “cat person” the gifts from friends and family are always cat themed. Not that I’m complaining!

Other People’s Houses is a photographic exploration of the places we choose to live. It opens at CAMP London TOMORROW with a special opening night party that kicks off at 6pm. Kris will be there, along with Kate, Anabela, Brian and I. Please come along and say hello!

Other People’s Houses

I have some pretty exciting news!

The participants of last year’s 1010 project are getting back together for a real life exhibition here in London. If you’re close, please come to the opening night party! There’ll be prints for sale and Kate, Anabela, Brian and I will all be there!