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Paris in bloom

On the street, 10th

Janet, Palais Garnier

Opera Garnier, Paris

People watching, Palais Royal.

Rue de Saintonge, Paris.

Polly got married on an island in the Seine in July.

At the Louvre, waiting to be planted.

Paris x9

My friend got married the day before I took these photos. To a man she met when she was 11 and he was 16, a nice man whom she didn’t realise she loved for the longest time.

The reception was in Poissy on a small island in the Seine and the day after the wedding, the day I took these photos, I left Poissy early and alone on a train to the city.

I had been to Paris eight times before but never alone. Once I went there on my honeymoon and when I saw the Eiffel Tower I cried because I was happy to be there. Another time I went for Christmas with a couple who would soon break up. On five of these occasions I travelled with two men I loved. Only one of them loved me back.

On the day after the wedding I left my luggage at Gare du Nord. I stumbled across a food market in the 10th and bought a buttery soft croissant and then walked to the canal. I saw a white dog. I saw a homeless man sleeping in a garden bed. I had a coffee. I thought about the best and worst things that are happening to me at the moment. I thought about watermelon. I thought about my friend Tarik. I thought about the man who didn’t love me back.

I thought about how we should attribute as much meaning and weight as we want to things. About how everything is something if you look at it right.

A boy skipping in an alleyway in Paris.

Just Ezra Petronio, Marc Jacobs, Wes Anderson and Jarvis Cocker babin’ in Paris.

[Photo by Katja Rahlwes]


This roll of film has been with me in Morocco, Amsterdam, Paris and all around London.

I felt sad today when I finally finished it. No more surprises. No chance of a miracle. Just the world in black and white.

And then you discover your friends are poets and magicians. That the sun shines even when it’s cold.

Now there are new hours, new days and weeks.

A few more from Paris.


Eighteen years ago on a whim, Opera de Garnier prop assistant  Jean Paucton studied beekeeping at Paris’s Jardin du Luxembourg. He bought a hive and had every intention to take it to his country home, 45 minutes out of the French capital.

But the opera house’s fireman – who had been raising trout in the building’s underground reservoir (the inspiration for the subterranean lake in Phantom of the Opera) – suggested he put the hives on the roof where the bees wouldn’t bother anyone.

Two weeks later, he returned to find the hive full of honey. The bees were thriving. Now he keeps five hives atop Paris’s opera house and sells the honey in the gift shop.

Since, a few fellow Parisian beekeepers have followed suit. Nicolas Géant set up hives on the roof of the Grand Palais and the terrace of the Louis Vuitton headquarters, and Pastor Pernot atop his church, l’Eglise Reformée de l’Etoile.

[story via Tarik in Paris last weekend, then here and here. Photos by The Bee Photographer.]

Tarik and Joe and Place des Vosges.


Toys being washed in Le Marais, Joe smoking in Etienne Marcel.


Saturday at Le Marche des Enfants Rouges, Sunday at Chez Marianne.


Burgers for brunch with Tarik’s brother at Cafe Charlot.

On the train to Paris from Mathilde‘s parents’ house in the suburbs.

Flowers in Le Marche des Enfants Rouges.

Paris is beautiful even in the rain.

Some friends of mine were driving to Paris for the weekend. They had a spare seat in the car. They offered it to me, I accepted at midday Friday and we were on the road by 5.30. When life throws you a spare seat to Paris, you go to Paris.

Janol Apin‘s photos show literal representations of Parisian metro stations.

[via double takes]

‘oui-non’ graffito zur wahl paris, 1945

[photo by paul almasy via mezzaluna]

The Return of the Mona Lisa to the Louvre after the war, Paris, 1945.

[via Photo Tractatus]

This photo of Woody Allen at the Met made me laugh. I forced Adam to do something similar in Jardin de Tuilleries a few months ago.

[Photo by Ruth Orkin via even*cleveland]

As seen in London and Paris.

A morning in Paris

On Saturday morning we visited Marché des Enfants-Rouges, ate brunch at the beautiful Cafe Charlot and strolled the backstreets of the Marais. Such a perfect 48 hours in Paris.