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Lycian tombs cut into the cliffs in 400BC, Dalyan, Turkey.

Marmaris, Turkey, where we did not see any turtles.

Two fake Romans, two real Turks.

This is not real life, Ephesus, Turkey.

About 10 years ago I was lying on a bed in an operating theatre and a surgeon leant over me and told me I was the master of my own appendix. Then he bowed to me, the kind of bow a student offers their sensei, and put me to sleep and cut out a cyst the size of a small peach that had been making a whole lotta noise on my right ovary.

A few weeks ago I went on a cruise to Greece and Turkey. I didn’t know I was going until about five days before I went and then I went and it was great, mostly, but sometimes weird. I took these photos in colour at a concert in some ancient ruins while an orchestra played. A guide told us there are only five harp players in Turkey which doesn’t seem like many harp players.

When I got home and I got my photos back I decided these looked better in black and white so I changed them to black and white. I guess that’s cheating but it doesn’t matter really. Because what the surgeon meant was that I could make whatever decision I wanted, that I was in control. And so I kept my appendix that day and I made these photos black and white and I left my husband and I lived in city after city and I don’t like pistachios and I’m ok with all of that.