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Other People’s Houses: Anabela Carneiro

Lovely Anabela from fieldguided is up next.

Where are you from and where do you live now?
I am from Toronto and I still live in Toronto. When I was younger I thought that there was no way that I would live here as an adult, but the opportunity to leave never really came up. Besides, I knew that it was home years ago as I drove back from New York City and burst into tears at the sight of the Toronto skyline looming in front of me. I do spend the winters wishing I lived in Spain, though.

Where is home for you and why do you live there?
I live in an apartment with my fiance Geoff, and our two cats. It’s the top floor of a house; the house backs onto a small city park. We chose this neighbourhood because it’s a short walk, bike ride or a streetcar trip away from many of our favourite places, and because we really like the general feel of it. It sometimes feels like a busy big city, and sometimes feels like a small town. I can dash over a block or two to get a sandwich and a coffee and run into someone I know.

Describe your home for me.
The apartment is bright and airy. Most of the walls are off-white, and we’ve filled it with the white furniture that we have accumulated over time. Geoff and I haven’t spent too much time renovating it, and we probably won’t, because we’re not too interested in that. Because it’s a rental, it will probably always feel temporary, even if we’re still here in ten years’ time. It’s very modest, but it’s comfortable. We’ve filled the apartment with things that we love, such as little trinkets and lots of books. It has atrocious linoleum floors, so we have a large collection of rugs. I love the light best of all. In spring and summer in the late afternoon our bedroom is filled with such beautiful light that I spend hours staring at the gauzy curtains blowing in the breeze, listening to kids playing in the park, and eating ice cream in bed.

How did you approach taking photos for the exhibition?
For the exhibition I tried to show my home as it is most of the time: a quiet, calm, and occasionally messy place. Sometimes there are piles of clothing on my dresser, but sometimes a pleated skirt can look almost sculptural, and the colours in the pile can be pleasing. For me, home is where my stuff is, so there are many pictures of my stuff, such as my clothing rack or the roses I brought home one day and laid out, or all the silly cat things I own. Home is also where Geoff is, so it was important to me that he make an appearance or two. I also got a bit wrapped up in the idea of voyeurism so I played with taking pictures through doorways or using mirrors.

Other People’s Houses opens on 5th May at CAMP here in London. Please come and see us!


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  1. So lovely! I can’t wait to see Anabela’s shots – I just know they’ll be fantastic.

    April 27, 2011

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