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Other People’s Houses: Jacinta Moore

Jacinta and I have history. I saw her photos and fell in love and wrote to her to tell her so. Then we realised we had mutual friends. Then we realised we’d actually met, six years ago when she showed up – with a plate of brownies and cute shows – to a fundraising event I helped organised. I’m so honoured she’s part of this crew.

Where are you from and where do you live now?
I live in Melbourne, Australia but grew up in Geelong, a much smaller city a little way from here. I moved to Brisbane when I was 20, then settled in Melbourne two years later (six years ago), with a six month stint living in The Netherlands last year.

Where is home for you and why do you live there?
I’ve just recently moved to a leafy inner-suburb with two housemates, two dogs and a cat. Our house is a small Victorian era townhouse with a little courtyard garden so things can get pretty squishy around here, but there are plenty of nice parks, cafes and shops nearby to get us out of the house. Though I often imagine running off somewhere far away, life here suits me well enough for now. Besides, Melbourne really is the best!

Describe your home.
Moving house too many times over these past few years, I have learnt the basics needed to quickly make a home for myself, and am slowly eliminating all the unnecessary extras. My space here is very much a reflection of those needs- plenty of sunlight, plants, white walls, my puppy, room enough to grow some veges, an oven, a comfortable bed, and not too much else. Structurally my room is a little rough, but I love it here nonetheless, now that I’ve got those basics covered.

How did you approach taking photos for the exhibition?
I will often watch and follow the pattern of water stain along my bedroom curtains edge; thinking how lovely are those cordillera cast. It feels as though this place has a secret life of its own, so I tried to capture some sense of this for the exhibition. Stained sheets, cracked walls and creeping vines – everything silently moving, despite me.

Other People’s Houses opens in two days! YIKES! Come and see us!

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  1. Beautiful photos, I love these interviews and can’t wait to read more!

    May 4, 2011

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