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Other People’s Houses: Kate Miss

In the lead up to the exhibition (it opens a week on Thursday!), I’ve been asking all the photographers some questions about what home means to them. First up, Kate Miss.

Where are you from and where do you live now?
I’m from a small town outside of Seattle, Washington and I currently live in Venice, California.

Where is home for you and why do you live there?
Four months ago my boyfriend and I moved from New York City to Los Angeles after five years of deciding whether or not NYC was home for me or not. We moved in search of sunshine, a slower pace, a new adventure, and a return to the West Coast, where I do feel most at home. I’m subletting an apartment til the summer by the beach in Venice, and it doesn’t exactly feel like home to me as I’ve realized the neighborhood is not for me. I’m currently deciding what home is to me – is it a physical place, or a feeling? I’m also decided where we’ll move next in Los Angeles, a vast and sprawling place with so many choices of where to live. We have to constantly remind ourselves to stop comparing LA with New York, because it’s so different it’s almost mind bending some days. You have to learn to appreciate the aspects of it that you can’t find in New York, and that makes missing New York easier to deal with, and sometimes, non existent.

Describe your home.
We moved across the country shipping 20 small boxes and stuffing what could fit in the back seat and trunk of our car, to a furnished sublet. So while the furniture is not mine and is not what I’d put in it, the bones of the apartment are great. It has a definite beach house feel – very white washed and huge bay windows – a place you’d probably never find in NYC. It’s a pretty large studio with a funny little loft that only a short person like myself can stand all the way up in, and it gets amazing light. You can see the ocean and palm trees on the beach from our front window, which also means that you can see and hear all the crazy, insane people on the Venice boardwalk. My favorite part of the apartment is the plant shelves we built in front of the bay windows and stuffed with plants. My least favorite thing is how insane and loud the beach is, especially on the weekends.

How did you approach your photos for the exhibition?
Because my apartment is full of furniture that isn’t mine and I’ve held off decorating it exactly the way I’d have it due to it being temporary, I decided to photograph small moments in my apartment as well as a few of the neighborhood. As crazy and annoying as Venice can be, it’s a beautiful neighborhood and so unique. The pedestrian-only walk streets, the ocean, the canals – they’re breathtaking to me. So I photographed what I love: quiet moments. The ocean waves, a walk street after the rain, my laundry drying in front of the bay windows, my cat sleeping, and my favorite photo – an accidental triple exposure of the beach and two views of LA from the Getty museum. Anyone who says LA is ugly hasn’t been where I’ve been.

Other People’s Houses opens on 5th May at CAMP here in London. Please come along, we’d love to see you.

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  1. i am so insanely excited to see this project unfold! ! !

    April 26, 2011

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