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07 March, 2014

05 March, 2014

Chloe through the bathroom door.

05 March, 2014

03 March, 2014

Walking through the middle of the day, St Leonards.

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27 February, 2014

26 February, 2014

A weekend with new friends in St Leonards-on-sea.

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Upstairs, alone

I don’t believe in any God, in spirits or ghosts or aliens. But as I sat at Violet, upstairs and alone, I realised I do believe in seeing things.

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Just some famous people and their cameras

1. Paul Newman and his kids
2. Grace Kelly photographs Sinatra with her Hasselblad
3. Paul McCartney
4. Bob Dylan with a Nikon SP Rangefinder
5. The Supremes with their Polaroid Land Cameras
6. George Harrison with a Nikon F, a Kodak Retina IIS and a Rolleiflex
7. Queen Elizabeth with her Leica
8. Marilyn at the Chelsea Hotel

No biggie

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Smoke Bellow

My friends Christian and Meredith/two thirds of Smoke Bellow near their old house in Baltimore.

28 January, 2014

The same.

12 January, 2014

Our first Railroad of 2014.

11 January, 2014


Just Hemingway’s list of books for young readers

In the spring of 1934, an aspiring young writer hitchhiked to Florida to meet his idol. Hemingway offered advice, wrote the above list of reading recommendations and made an offer 22-year old Arnold Samuelson couldn’t refuse. No biggie.

Read the full story here. See all the other no biggies here.



This year. Valentine’s Day street style for Glamour, a week in Israel, a weekend in Madrid, San Diego to LA to Palm Springs to Joshua Tree to LA to San Diego with California’s warmest, most beautiful people, seven days at sea, a lovely wedding in Paris, my photo on the cover of Ani’s book, long summer days in Amsterdam, London Fashion Week for Time Out, a hard month at home, a long walk along the cliffs and a beautiful last weekend in Lisbon.


20 December, 2013

The same.

18 December, 2013

17 December, 2013

17 December, 2013

We had lunch at a hotel that was straight out of a Brett Easton Ellis novel: clear perspex chairs, reflective black surfaces, a cold, misguided 90s sort of self assuredness. The waitresses even wore black underwear under their all-white uniforms. Maybe to remind us they’re still alive in there.

This was the view from where we sat. We looked at this and we ate lamb and we ate duck. We looked at this ocean. We looked at this palm tree. And maybe it was the wine, but everything felt wide open again.

When I think back over this shitty, paralysed year, I don’t want to think about how heavy everything was for a while. I want think about this. This view. This ocean. This palm tree. This mostly straight horizon that, as we sat on the train back to Lisbon, served up the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. A sky striped purple and orange, the perfect reminder that we’re all still alive in here.


13 December, 2013

A sort of sunset, Lisbon.

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12 December, 2013

A fishing boat in Cascais, a tiny town just outside of Lisbon.

10 December, 2013

09 December, 2013

Barrio Alto, Lisbon.

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08 December, 2013

07 December, 2013

06 December, 2013

05 December, 2013

On the bus from Birling Gap.

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San Diego

Lycian tombs cut into the cliffs in 400BC, Dalyan, Turkey.

Belair National Park.